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Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
as well. >> yankees. >> you got it. >> matt jablow, 9news now. >> so do you think the begans fans are getting the short end of the stick? >> all your frustrations, no matter what they are, could be washed away. >> i love you, i adore you, but i can't buy you anything from neimann marcus this year. the luxury retailer released its 86th edition of the holiday catalog today. almost 40% of the items in this year's catalog cost less than $250. things like donkey and elephant cuff links in honor of the upcoming election. or fruitcake for $32. but of course, those don't really catch our eyes and you wouldn't eat that anyway. for example, the $1 million his and hers watches. those are nice. >> oh wow. >> or you would rather pay $150,000 for this trailer and it even comes with its own bourbon. that has you all over it. and you could spend $100,000 for this penthouse inspired by the palace in france. it comes with three to ten hens. depending on what you want. you might not need ten. you can see the whole catalog at you know, because they want to meet you where you are. >> y
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
make it to the world series and face the yankees, each home playoff game could add another million dollars to the city's treasury. this is bruce johnson reporting from nats park, back to you. >> heavy stuff. we checked a short time ago and councilman jack evans hearing on tax issues did resume shortly after 5:00 after the game. >>> coming up in sports kristen berset lets us know what davey johnson and jayson werth think of today's game, such as it was, and she looks ahead to tonight's game three for the orioles. >> tonight on your only local 7:00 news, americans will be spending a lot of cash on halloween, but on not what you think. it's not candy and it's not costumes, at least not the ones you're thinking about. we'll have the story at 7:00. >> that's a tease, d, see you at 7:00. >>> still to come in this half hour metro is used to busy days. you'll find out how the transit system wants to cash in on one of the busiest. >> top? >> let's talk about the baseball forecast tomorrow. either a 4:00 or 5:00 game depending on what the tigers do tonight, either way mostly sunny, upper 50s
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. the birds went toe to toe with the yankees until the end. the nats's jim johnson gave up five runs and the game. the orioles say this is where that short-term memory comes into play. >> it was one game and we all came back with not much of a memory of what happened last night and ready to get a win today. >> we've had tough losses a lot this year. you know, the peeks and valleys. obviously the sense of urgency changes a little bit because of the series. and our guys know that. >> of course, they go at it again tonight. redskins fans worse fears came true on sunday when robert griffin, iii, was hurt. plenty of cringe worthy moments, but none that knocked him out of the game like this one. it was a hit by sean weatherspoon. it left rg3 with a mild concussion. he sat out of practice today after undergoing several tests. according to teammates, he seemed in good spirits today. >> any time anybody has a head injury, you never know how they are feeling. so i'll be ready to go. i haven't talked to other coaches or haven't talked to anybody, so i always prepare and we'll see what happe
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
here in the d.c./baltimore area. >>> meanwhile up in new york it's 1-0 yankees leading the orioles now in the 5th inning. we'll keep you updated on that. >>> now on to football, great news from ashburn, robert griffin, iii going through another day battling back from the concussion. he looks good, feels good. we'll see if he's going to may this weekend. right now he's questionable on the injury report, questionable, yeah, right. we think he'll be playing on sunday. now can he and will he present himself as in slide, mr. griffin. you got to slide. griffin took this menacing looking hit last sunday against the falcons. that knocked him out of the 3rd quarter. now, of course, he's a tough guy. he's also a smart guy. he says he's got to protect himself better. >> these things that happen to us, getting hurt, getting hit in the head, that affects us down the road. i got to make sure i limit that. at some point all players and all fans stop becoming players and fans. we become people. so people care. i got to make sure i keep myself safe. >>> time to announce our usa today high school sports
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4